A brewery is to beer what a kitchen is to food: with the right ingredients you can make anything in a brewery from a lager to a lambic.

Craft beer for us is about exploring the possibilities that owning our own micro brewery brings. Expect to see an ever changing parade of seasonal brews from us, along with always available favourites. Darker and spicier as the weather cools, lighter and zestier when its warm. Visit us here to see what’s on offer.

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American Pale Ale

Leave the world behind and chill out with a Brookes American Pale Ale. The style that launched a thousand craft beers remains the tasty, comforting best friend of all beer aficionados. With a golden visage and tingling citrus aroma, this frothy, welcoming brew is perfect for relaxing with friends and remembering the good times.

5.2% Alc. Vol.

US Style IPA (India Pale Ale)

Back in the day India Pale Ale was brewed with double hops to help it survive the long voyage from England to India. At Brookes, our IPA is all about freshness - its enjoyable bitterness burtsting with lifted aromatic fresh hop flavours.

5.2% Alc. Vol.

Bohemian Lager

In 1842 the world's first Pilsner was an instant success. To the north of Pils, brewers tried and failed to copy the style, but discovered that their roastier malts had created something special. With names like Vienna and Oktoberfest, these brews were adopted by locals as their own lager. With a big malt body and the crisp aroma of old-world noble hops, our Bohemian is a real lager, made with pride and sweat.

5.2% Alc. Vol.

Brown Ale

When the weather turns a little cooler, Brookes Brown Ale is the beer to reach for. Chocolate, coffee and caramel flavours combine wonderfully with old-world floral hops to create a comforting aromatic brew.

5.2% Alc. Vol.

Bavarian Wheat

Strictly a Hopfenweisse, we've created this beer as a summer release. Maltier than your standard wheat beer, with Crystal and Vienna malts it pours a honey amber hue. Cold fermented to emphasise the clove phenolics with a small touch of late American Simcoe to give it a slight hoppy nose.

5.0% Alc. Vol.

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